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      1. Welcome to The nadian Polyamory Advocy Association

        We are a registered society, dedited to advoting for the rights and freedoms of polyamorous individuals in nada

        Join us for Polycon nada 20201!

        Our Annual Conference is Nov 20th-21st 2021

        Supporting Polyamory in nada since 2011

        What Is Polyamory?

        How is polyamory defined? What kinds of polyamory are there? What are all the terms polyamorous people use? The answers to these questions, and more, lies here!

        Polyamory In nada

        Thanks to the advocy of the CPAA, Polyamory is no longer criminalised in nada. Read more about the legal status of Polyamory in nada and find out more about other ground-setting court ses.

        Find Community Near You

        There are polyamory meetup and discussion groups online and across the country. Find events and groups near you!

        Who Is The CPAA?

        The CPAA was formed in 2011 and advotes for the rights and freedoms of polyamorous individuals in the colonised lands known as nada

        Press Releases

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